Affordable Care Act Benefits

President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010, reforming health care in a way that would make it easier for consumers to access affordable health care as well as to protect them against insurance companies’ abuse.

Consumer protections are in place for millions of Americans covered by health insurance through their employers or through programs like Medicare. By making sure consumers and their doctors control health care, the law protects consumers.

The Rights Of Consumers

You could be taken advantage of by insurance companies in the past. Insurance companies use to deny coverage to children with asthma or heart defects, limit the amount of coverage that will be paid for, or deny coverage if your paperwork is incorrect. In order to protect you from abuses such as these, the Affordable Care Act provides a Patient’s Bill of Rights.

Affordable Health Coverage

As a result of the law, health care expenses will be lower and your medical expenses will be spent more wisely. Now, insurance companies must hold their customers accountable for their premium spending and rate increases. Furthermore, insurance companies will have to compete with each other for your business through tax credits and online marketplaces.

Improved Access to Care

Health care law has resulted in a functioning health care system. Health insurance options are expanded and access to health care is improved.

Enhancing Medicare

Nearly 50 million Americans over age 65 and those with disabilities are served by Medicare every year, and the health care law makes Medicare stronger by adding benefits, combating fraud, and improving health care. By reducing waste, fraud, and abuse, as well as slowing the rate of cost growth, Medicare’s projected lifespan has been extended by 13 years to 2030.

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