Finding A Free Healthcare Clinic

Are They Really Free?

Finding A FQHC Community Healthcare Center

Healthcare is still available even if you don’t qualify for Medicaid or CHIP. Visiting a community clinic can provide basic medical care for free or at a low cost. You should choose a community health center as your first option. 

Often called Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHC), these clinics provide sliding scale services. It may even mean that care is provided for free. 

There are FQHCs in community health centers, migrant health centers, county health departments, and health centers in homeless shelters. The purpose of these programs is to provide health care to those who are uninsured. 

The amount you pay at a FQHC depends on your income level. Locate community health centers in your area by searching here

Moreover, free clinics exist in many communities, allowing those without healthcare access to access free healthcare outside of the government safety net. Clinics here run by doctors and others who volunteer their time and services. 

Payments are usually based on a sliding scale at these clinics. It means that some people may not be charged a fee for healthcare, while others may only be asked to pay a nominal fee based on their ability to pay. 

Are Free Clinics Really Free?

Free clinics that are independent and run by volunteers are free. Nevertheless, many “free clinics” and most FQHCs operate on a sliding scale. As a result, some will be able to use them without charge.

What Services Do Free Clinics Provide? 

Besides providing prenatal care, vaccinations for babies and kids, general primary care, and referrals to specialists, community health centers also provide general primary care.

In addition, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and HIV/AIDS care are included. Free clinics usually provide primary care and refer patients to specialists when necessary. Check your local area to see if these clinics treat babies and children. 

Are there any free or low-cost health clinics available to everyone? 

In most free clinics, any individual, regardless of income or immigration status, can receive healthcare there.

Additional Low Cost Medical Care Options 

Family planning care, contraceptive counseling, and contraceptive dispensing are available at Title X clinics. As part of Title X, these services are offered free of charge or at a reasonable cost to those in need. 

The Planned Parenthood health centers and independent abortion clinics also provide women’s health services on a sliding scale, from pap smears to STD testing to annual exams and even basic primary care.

How Can I Qualify For Free Or Subsidized Health Care?

You may be eligible for Medicaid or Obamacare or Affordable Care Act insurance

Find out if you or your family qualify for each benefit by visiting the organization. Insurance & You can answer your questions about health insurance and the Affordable Care Act. Get health insurance help at 1800-586-9138

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